EVENTS CALENDAR - October 2008
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Join us in Kit Carson Park for two days of family fun ~ a look at traditional and contemporary fiber artistry, an opportunity to get up close and personal with sheep, goats, rabbits, alpacas and llamas, and an invitation for kids to try their hand at a fiber project.
Event Location: Kit Carson Park
Start Date: October 4th End Date: October 5th
Contact Information: 575-758-9465

The festival features films of adventure, culture and wildlife from the world's remote regions. Mountain

Film also examines threats to the environment and human rights. The three-day festival presents

mountaineering films and personalities, as well as symposia, photography exhibits, and

readings from mountaineering literature.

Event Location: Taos
Start Date: October 5th End Date: October 7th
Contact Information: 575-751-3658  

A good storyteller can weave a tale that combines a spectrum of emotion and creates an image that

returns months and years later. S.O.M.O.S. (Society of the Muse of the Southwest) has created an

event that provides just this kind of outlet and opportunity. The two-day event offers an impressive lineup

of tellers spinning their weave in concerts, children stories, tales of the weird, and in visits to our locals


Event Location: Taos
Start Date: October 17th End Date: October 18th
Contact Information: 575-758-0081 or 877-758-7343

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