Red River
Red River is known for bringing inspiration to artists and musicians from all over the country.  Known for his portrayal of the horse in Western art, Kenneth Wyatt calls the Red River Gallery of Fine Art his second home.  Joined by artists Veda Wyatt, Jill Wyatt Marshall, and Jake Marshall, you’ll find art, jewelry, sculpture, and more at this beautiful gallery across from the Red River Ski Area.  Mountain Treasures Gallery and Bistro proudly represents more than 50 artists, including fine art, sculptures, jewelers, and potters as well as stained and fused glass.  Enjoy one of the specialty pastries, sandwiches, or coffee drinks while you browse through all of the art.  Red River is also home to renowned southwestern artist and singer/songwriter Rick Fowler.  At the heart of his artistic endeavors are his stunning acrylic and ink paintings that hang in private collections throughout the world, including galleries around the Enchanted Circle.

Angel Fire
Angel Fire is home to numerous accomplished artists and is a favorite venue for visiting artists, all of whom find our spectacular setting particularly inspiring.  Musicians. Painters. Sculptors. Fiber and jewelry artists. Authors. Photographers. Actors. You’ll find our artists and their work in local galleries, bookstores, private studios, in educational programs, concerts and live music at local restaurants.  And live theatre.  Come enjoy their work and get to know them.

Events include Missoula Children’s Theatre in June, Angel Fire Mountain Theatre in July, ArtsFest in July, Arts About Town in August and Music From Angel Fire in September.

Get more information by visiting the Moreno Valley Arts Council.

In Taos today, creativity is a tradition and a way of life.

Original art is on the walls of our restaurants, banks, the hospital, and most all public offices. Artists can be seen at work along downtown lanes and in the countryside. Someone (no one remembers who but everyone agrees) once claimed that Taos has more artists per capita than any town in the world, even Paris. And if you add musicians, writers, and filmmakers to that list, everyone in Taos is an artist.

Art in Taos; let us tell you more. We have over 80 art galleries. There are six museums in Taos that preserve and display historic and contemporary art. There are two major art festivals in Taos – Fall Arts and Spring Arts -- several film festivals, a poets and storyteller festival, and four music festivals - classical, jazz, and rock - what's your preference?

There are several local venues for the performing arts in Taos. The most active is Taos Community Auditorium – the TCA – owned and operated by Taos Center for the Arts – also called TCA. “TCA Presents” is TCA’s own offerings of national performing arts companies. In any given year Taoseños may have the opportunity to see Alvin Alley or Vivan Brasil dance troupes, watch Arlo Guthrie and Family, Ricardo Lemvo, or other well known musicians perform. Throughout the year, TCA also presents performances for kids – Missoula Children’s Theater has been showing up in Taos every summer for nearly twenty years.

Click here to get more detailed information on art in Taos.

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