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A social-network virtual holiday tree splashes onto building facade for the annual Lighting of Ledoux Street, Dec. 11 Saturday 7:00pm-7:30pm (Ledoux Lighting 5-7pm), 203 Fine Art, 203 Ledoux (top of Ledoux Street). A unique collaborative event that takes the traditional holiday tree to another dimension, a dynamic visualization of a tree-form generated by individuals sending messages from social networks and mobile devices. But this form called the (x)tree will only exist if people, and that means you! make it happen. Agnes Chavez is founder of STEMArts and creator of the (x)tree project, says "In order for the tree to come alive and start growing, virtually, people from all over the world can just send a twitter message with the word #(x)tree in it which then generates a branch. Each tweet generates a branch, person by person, "growing" the algorithmic holiday tree. Working in conjunction with the Santa Fe Complex, Chavez was able to quickly put together a team of programmers and technologists who were able to help create the project in time for the Ledoux street event. Roy Wroth, Executive Director of the Santa Fe Complex, which will provide projectors and technical support, says, "This is our first collaboration in Taos and we're glad to be part of the (x)tree project." Jared Tarbell, programmer, is writing the algorithm that will generate the beautiful tree form from Tweets and Joe Dean is the projectionist. 203 Fine Art is the host building for the event."The (x)tree is "grown" from the intention of individuals," Chavez says, "it represents the way we are all connected, not only through communication systems, but biologically as part of a living system." At a time when trees are being cut down for the holiday season and the looming awareness that corporate tree cutting practices are endangering our ecological and cultural diversity, the (X) tree symbolizes how each and everyone of us can contribute a "virtual seedling" and watch it grow, reminding us of the simplicity and beauty of tree planting. For this reason Chavez has also partnered with TREE NM, an organization based in Albuquerque that reached their millionth tree planted in March 2007 through community partnerships and educational outreach. They are now embarking on the "One million more" campaign and the (x)tree project hopes to raise awareness and money toward their goal. The project will continue after the event as (x)tree will be transferred to a website, where people can continue to send their messages and support the TREE NM tree-planting drive. The (x)tree project is a STEMArts and Santa Fe Complex project benefit for Tree NM as part of their "Plant a Million More" program.

Event Location:

203 Ledoux Street (Top of Ledoux)

Start Date: December 11th End Date: December 11th
Contact Information:

Agnes Chavez 575-770-4256 -


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