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A program beginning at approximately 6pm in the museum's new Arthur Bell Auditorium will feature remarks by Taos Pueblo Governor James Lujan, Sr., Taos Pueblo War Chief David G. Gomez, and Taos Pueblo Tribal Councilman Gilbert Suazo, Sr. Mr. Suazo, with Cesario "Jim" Lujan, and the late Allen Martinez, founded the Youth of Taos Pueblo to demonstrate the interest of the younger generation in the return of Blue Lake. Mr. Suazo gave testimony in the Senate Blue Lake Hearings in 1970, and participated in the historic July 8, 1970 White House meeting when President Richard M. Nixon pledged his support for returning Blue Lake to Taos Pueblo.
Event Location: Harwood Museum of Art, 238 Ledoux Street
Start Date: December 15th End Date: December 15th
Contact Information: Andrew Flack 303-960-3773 -

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