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Readings centered around feminism and new social modelsJoin authors Susan Powter and Dora McQuaid, and musician Abbie Conant for an evening of literature, poetry and music.Admission is free.Susan Powter, the three-time New York Times best-selling author and the woman dubbed "the Lenny Bruce of Wellness" will read and riff from her latest book, The Politics of Stupid, which moves beyond the usual forms of self-help to provide profound insights about patriarchys social ills. Her high energy, acerbic wit, and uncompromising realism lend her presentations the inimitable, hilarious, and inspiring character of performance-art.Dora McQuaid is a poet and performance-artist descended from traveling gypsies, Irish Golden-gloved boxers, and strong women, whose stories and the telling of them prompted her lifelong fascination with the written and spoken word. She will speak about domestic violence, and how one builds a new life after the violence has stopped.Abbie Conant, who was solo-trombonist of the Munich Philharmonic for 13 years will provide a musical interlude between the readings.The program is relevant to all, so men are especially welcome!Much more info at: will be served.
Event Location: Enchanted Mountain Studios, 114 Los Pandos
Start Date: December 5th End Date: December 5th
Contact Information: William Osborne 575 621 5928 -

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