Questa stands in contrast to the resort towns on the east side of the mountains.  A half-hour north of Taos, this is one in a long string of small, historic villages that scattered up the Rio Grande from what is now Mexico into southern Colorado.  Questa was officially founded in January 1842. A rough and remote location, it was vulnerable to Ute raids for generations.

Questa's thick-walled adobe church has stood at the center of this traditional community since the mid-1800's and gave the village its original name of San Antonio del Rio Colorado. 'Questa' was an Anglo attempt at simplification but became an official misspelling of the Spanish 'cuesta,' referring to the 'ridge' where the old church plaza was built. 

Questa today is renowned for its beautiful scenery surrounding the village.  It has rare trails into the Rio Grande Gorge, trout fishing, and mountain lakes with trails that can access the highest reaches of the Sangre de Cristo mountains overlooking the area.  There are llama guides and fishing outfitters nearby, and many choices for your own mountain biking and horseback excursions.

Questa itself is still home to farmers and builders.  The outlying neighborhoods have attracted artists and writers who enjoy the affordable land and independant lifestyle.  Find an escape from the crowds, and, possibly lunch in one of the hole-in-the-wall eateries with their loyal clientele.

Reach the Visitor Center at 575-613-2852 or (seasonally). More information at

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